How to check whether your ISP is Throttling your Internet speeds.


You, the usual and the average consumer, doesn’t know the boundaries that define the exploitation when it comes to the net neutrality rules’ violation and never realize that some particular service on his/her network is being throttled or degraded.

A website named tries to make you aware by providing some checks for your service providers and you can detect if a service is being pushed back or pushed forward. The website describes:

“Large Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have degraded the performance of their customer’s traffic as a tactic to convince content and application providers to pay added “tolls” to deliver content that Internet users have already requested and paid for. The battleground — where this degradation takes place — is at ISP interconnection points. These are the places where traffic requested by ISP customers crosses between the ISP’s network and another network on which content and application providers host their services.”

To perform this check and ensure that there are no performance degradation from ISP side, click this link and to go to the Internet Health Test page.

Now hit the “Start the test” button. The test opens a new pop-up window and it runs for few minutes. After the completion, you will be told about any ISP related issues with your Internet.



The website writes about this ISP test: “This test measures whether interconnection points are experiencing problems. It runs speed measurements from your (the test user’s) ISP, across multiple interconnection points, thus detecting degraded performance.”


Try this internet health test here and share it with your friends to express your support for net neutrality.


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