Turning your Android into a hacking device

Now days, smartphones and tablets are the most popular gadgets. The reason behind this is that people utilize tablets for most of their work. And there is no need to explain that Android is ruling global smartphone and tablet markets.

Android is the most popular mobile OS with more than 60% market share. As we already said that Android is ruling smartphone and tablet markets, developers are also creating more apps for Android devices. This is the reason why the Android market has millions of apps. Like websites, apps also need penetration testing to check for various vulnerabilities. Security testing for Android apps will need to have a penetration testing environment on your Android device.

Note: Most of these apps need ROOT permission. If you are not sure how to root your android device you can visit my tutorial on How to root your android device.

By installing the following programs , you can basically hack anything that comes to mind. From targeting websites , hacking computers , sniffing networks , brute forcing passwords , information gathering and many more.


dSploit is a nice Android network penetration testing suit. It comes with all-in-one network analysis capabilities. Like most of the other penetration testing tools, it also comes for free. So, you can download and use this app on your Android device and perform network security testing. It has various pre-complied modules to use. The app is designed to be very fast, handy and easy to use, it’s just point and click.

Download here


Network Spoofer lets you change websites on other people’s computers from an Android phone. After downloading simply log onto a Wifi network, choose a spoof to use and press start.

Download here


AnDOSid is another nice application that can be used to perform DOS attacks from Android mobile phones. It is like LOIC tool for desktop. In the app, you can set target URL, payload size and time difference between two requests. After that click on big GO button to launch DOS attack on a website. It will start flooding target URL with fake request.

Download here


Nmap (network mapper) is one the best among different network scanner (port finder) tool, Nmap mainly developed for Unix OS but now it is available on Windows and Android as well.

Download here


Designed to kick connected users offline from targeted network. However if used correctly it can cause massive damage. Works good to get users to your evil twin network.

Download here


WebSecurify is a powerful web vulnerability scanner. It’s available for all popular desktops and mobile platforms. It has a powerful crawler to crawl websites and then attack it using pre-defined patterns.


It Allows You To Use A Fake Caller Id – A Number That You Are Free To Specify Yourself, In Order To Protect Your Privacy Or To Pull A Prank On Someone. this Can Be Useful In Social Engineering.


If you are connected to a wi-Fi network and you want to access the router of the network, you can use Router Bruteforce ADS 2 app. This app performs Bruteforce attack to get the valid password of the router. It has a list of default passwords that it tries on the router.


Shark for Root is a nice traffic sniffer app for the Android device. It works fine on 3G and Wi-Fi: both network connectivity options. You can see the dump on phone by using Shark Reader that comes with the app. You can also use Wireshark a similar tool to open the dump on the system. So, start sniffing data on your Android device and see what others are doing.

Download here


Zimperium’s Android Network Toolkit is an award winning Penetration Testing framework for mobile devices, used by more than 150000 IT professionals. It is best for penetrating or finding vulnerable networks.

Download here

One more notable app to mention for a hacker is Bugtroid. Basically a “toolbox” as it contains over 200 apps which you can download. From scanners , Anti-virus ,  spoofing apps , man in the middle apps and many more. A must to have and works well to access the apps.

Download here


Android is one of the fastest growing mobile platforms with the biggest market share. People also claim that it could replace desktop OS as well. Although we do not agree with that but, we cannot ignore the importance of it. This is why developers are bringing their tools for Android platforms.





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