WEAKERTH4N – Another Hacking OS

Most of the hackers would have heard about Backtrack. Weakerthan is another Linux based pentesting distro which is really good.. I think Weakerthan is second best OS for hackers after Backtrack.


Weakth4n Linux is designed primarily for penetration testing. It’s Built from Debian Squeeze.


  •  BRuWRT-FORSSE v2.0
  •  Easy-SSHd
  •  Web-Hacking-Portal v2.0
  •  Perlwd
  •  Netgh0st v3.0
  •  YouTube-Thief!
  •  Netgh0st v2.2
  •  DomainScan
  •  ADtrace
  •  Admin-Tool
  •  Tartarus v0.1
  •  and much more….
Download   |  653.22 MB
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