Turn old Smart Phone to Security Camera

If you have a lot of old smart phones at home, but don’t know what to do with them? Well here’s a solution: security camera!


Follow the steps below to turn your old smart phone to a security camera

Step to follows:

1.Download IP Webcam from DOWNLOAD HERE

2.Launch the application, adjust the setting(depends on what you want)  and navigate to the bottom and click on start server,

3.Next you will get an IP address from the application, you can simply type in the address in your browser or you can download a software on your PC to watch your security camera. DOWNLOAD HERE

Webcam watcher let you watch up to 6 cameras at a time and there are many useful setting you can do there.

Just leave your mobile phone connected to a charger and an internet connection (WIFI or Mobile Data) at home and you have a view of what is happening!


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