14 Best IP Hide Tools 2017

Do you want to protect your privacy? Here’s a list of the top 14 best IP hide tools.

  • Cyber Ghost VPN:
Cyber Ghost VPN is the best in this list because you don’t need to upgrade to a paid version! The free version of Cyber Ghost VPN has everything a user needs. It encrypts all online traffic and ensures data remains hidden from hackers when on an open wireless network.
cyber ghost ip hide tool
There is no bandwidth limit in the free version, but it disconnects the user after every three hours and it is also limited to one Windows device.
The premium and premium plus version offers better connection speed, multi-device support, and the option to use OpenVPN, IPSec or PPTP.
You can use the service without even creating an account.
 Download Cyber Ghost
  • IP Hider Pro:
IP Hider pro software
IP Hider Pro is the one of the best software to hide your internet traffic and real geographic location while surfing the web. It allows you to choose the applications you want to hide traffic for. You can also keep the same IP for as long as you like or tell IP Hider Pro to choose a new IP every 1, 5, 30 or 60 minutes for smart protection.
 Download IP Hider Pro
  • Easy Hide IP:
ip hiding app
Easy-Hide-IP is a paid IP hide software that has 60+ high-speed servers to protect it’s users’ real identity from third parties. It has servers in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Brazil, Luxembourg, Japan, Russia, India and France.
 Download Easy Hide IP
  • Hide All IP:
IP Hide tool
You can hide all your online activities from hackers by using Hide All IP. It encrypts all inbound and outbound connections using the industry standard RSA 1024 and RC4 encryption. The program also supports UDP based applications and games.
 Download Hide All IP
  • Hide the IP:
Hide the IP is a one-click solution to protecting your privacy. You can download the program for free, but the trial version is limited to 3 days. Also, it doesn’t allow you to select a particular server in the trial period.
Hide the IPIt is available in 3 flavors: Hide the IP (Basic), Hide the IP Professional and Hide the IP Platinum.
The basic version is just an IP hiding software, but the Professional version has some features such as Smart Firewall Protection and Malware/Spyware protection.
The Platinum version is much more efficient than the professional version because it has more additional features such as 256-bit SSL support, online media streaming support and super fast server speed.
 Download Hide the IP
  • Real Hide IP:
Real Hide IP is a very good program that you can use to hide your IP address and access blocked websites. You can try the tool for free, but the trial version cannot be used forever.
Real Hide IP

It has over 70 dedicated servers to conceal your real IP address from the hackers.

Real Hide IP is not really a perfect software for ultimate privacy protection. But you can use it to bypass internet censorship.
It has the same qualities of basic IP Hider software, but if you are looking for a powerful privacy software, Real Hide IP is not the kind of software you need.
 Download Real Hide IP
  • Proxy Shell Hide IP:
proxy shell hide ip tool

Proxy Shell Hide IP is a powerful tool for those who want to remain undetected on the web. You can hide your original IP with multiple proxies and customizable surfing rules. That is, you can use different IP for each website. Also, you can define the “country” of proxies for a website.

It offers standard and premium service. In the standard service, you can use up to 6 proxy IPs at the same time, with 200K/s speed limit.
Premium service users can use up to 10 proxy IPs at the same time, with NO speed limit.
 Download Proxy Shell Hide IP
  • Hide My IP:
hide my ip software
Hide My IP is a program that you can use to prevent hackers from acquiring your real IP address. It offers IP rotation service to make the users “anonymous” on the web. You can configure the proxy service as much as you want. It also allows you to select certain applications to use the Hide My IP proxy.
It also has a simple and powerful user interface which I found more attractive.
  • Open VPN:
open vpn tool
Open VPN is an open source program that allows you to create a secure private network inside the public network (internet). It offers 128-bit encryption, so you don’t have to worry about the security level of the communication.
 Download Open VPN
  • SumRando VPN:
SumRando VPN software
SumRando VPN is a clever service that helps you to browse faster and secure without revealing your original IP address to others. Once it is installed you can either create an account using your mail id or you can start using the service anonymously.
The free plan offers 2GB data. While testing the service, I didn’t feel any lag in the connection. It is obviously a pretty good VPN service that everyone should try.
 Download SumRando VPN
  • Hotspot Shield:
hotspot shield software ip hide
If you are a frequent visitor of EH, you may already know about Hotspot Shield. In the “3 best ways to unblock blocked websites,” I had mentioned HotSpot Shield as a great tool to bypass internet censorship.
It encrypts all the connections and protects the device from malware, phishing and spam sites.
 Download HotSpot Shield
  • Hide My Ass Pro VPN:
Hide My Ass ip hiding
Hide My Ass Pro VPN is the most expensive service on this list. It has almost every features that a great VPN service must have. There is no free/trial version available for this service. You must need an account to use HMA Pro VPN.
It has 650+ servers in various locations in the world.
 Download Hide My Ass
  • Tor Browser:
Ip hiding using tor
The most popular free and open source software that can help you to defend against privacy intrusion. Tor has distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world to protect it’s users from traffic analysis.
The users of Tor include, journalists, NGOs, whisleblowers, hackers and law enforcement.
 Download Tor
  • UltraSurf:
hide your ip using ultrasurf
UltraSurf is a free tool developed by Ultrareach Internet Corp. It was originally developed for internet users in Mainland China, where the internet is heavily censored and monitored. Now, it has millions of users from over 180 countries.
 Download UltraSurf
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