hideNsneak – An Attack Obfuscation Framework

This application assists in managing attack infrastructure for penetration testers by providing an interface to rapidly deploy, manage, and take down various cloud services. These include VMs, domain fronting, Cobalt Strike servers, API gateways, and firewalls.


hideNsneak provides a simple interface that allows penetration testers to build ephemeral infrastructure — one that requires minimal overhead.

hideNsneak can: –> deploy, destroy, and list

  1. Cloud instances via EC2, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, Azure, and Alibaba Cloud
  2. API Gateway (AWS)
  3. Domain fronts via CloudFront and Azure Cloudfront

–> Proxy into said infrastructure –> Send and receive files –> Port scanning via NMAP –> Remote installations of Burp Collab, Cobalt Strike, Socat, LetsEncrypt, GoPhish, and SQLMAP

Running locally

At this time, all hosts are assumed Ubuntu 16.04 Linux. In the future, we’re hoping to add on a docker container to decrease initial setup time.

  1. install go
  2. install terraform
  3. install ansible
  4. install custom providers
  5. git clone
  6. go run main.go –> make this an executable
  7. go get -u
  8. go get -u
  9. Fill in values in config.yaml with your keys and filepaths for the cloud providers you’d like to use: aws_access_key = "YOUR_SECRET_KEY" aws_secret_key =
    "YOUR_SECRET_KEY" do_token = "YOUR_SECRET_KEY" azure_tenant_id =
    "YOUR_SECRET_KEY" azure_client_id = "YOUR_SECRET_KEY"
    azure_client_secret = "YOUR_SECRET_KEY" azure_subscription_id =
  10. run hidensneak


  • hidensneak help –> run this anytime to get available commands
  • hidensneak instance deploy
  • hidensneak instance destroy
  • hidensneak instance list
  • hidensneak api deploy
  • hidensneak api destroy
  • hidensneak api list
  • hidensneak domainfront enable
  • hidensneak domainfront disable
  • hidensneak domainfront deploy
  • hidensneak domainfront destroy
  • hidensneak domainfront list
  • hidensneak socks deploy
  • hidensneak socks list
  • hidensneak socks destroy
  • hidensneak socks proxychains
  • hidensneak socks socksd
  • hidensneak install burp
  • hidensneak install cobaltstrike
  • hidensneak install socat
  • hidensneak install letsencrypt
  • hidensneak install gophish
  • hidensneak install nmap
  • hidensneak install sqlmap

For all commands, you can run --help after any of them to get guidance on what flags to use.


  • _terraform –> stuff related to deploying, destroying, and listing infrastucture
  • _ansible –> stuff related to ssh
  • _assets –> random assets for the beauty of this project
  • _cmd –> frontend interface
  • _deployer –> backend commands and structs
  • main.go –> where the magic happens
  • secrets.go –> a file that you write yourself, with all your secret stuff

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