Evilginx – Advanced Man in the Middle Attack Framework

Evilginx is an attack framework for setting up phishing pages. Instead of serving templates of sign-in pages lookalikes, Evilginx becomes a relay between the real website and the phished user.

Phished user interacts with the real website, while Evilginx captures all the data being transmitted between the two parties.

Evilginx, being the man-in-the-middle, captures not only usernames and passwords, but also captures authentication tokens sent as cookies. Captured authentication tokens allow the attacker to bypass any form of 2FA enabled on user’s account (except for U2F – more about it further below).

Even if phished user has 2FA enabled, the attacker, outfitted with just a domain and a VPS server, is able to remotely take over his/her account. It doesn’t matter if 2FA is using SMS codes, mobile authenticator app or recovery keys.

Take a look at the video demonstration, showing how attacker’s can remotely hack an Outlook account with enabled 2FA.


Common phishing attacks rely on creating HTML templates which take time to make. Most work is spent on making them look good, being responsive on mobile devices or properly obfuscated to evade phishing detection scanners.

Evilginx takes the attack one step further and instead of serving its own HTML lookalike pages, it becomes a web proxy. Every packet, coming from victim’s browser, is intercepted, modified and forwarded to the real website. The same happens with response packets, coming from the website; they are intercepted, modified and sent back to the victim. With Evilginx there is no need to create your own HTML templates. On the victim side everything looks as if he/she was communicating with the legitimate website. User has no idea idea that Evilginx sits as a man-in-the-middle, analyzing every packet and logging usernames, passwords and, of course, session cookies.


Advanced Man in the Middle Attack Framework: Evilginx Documentation

Advanced Man in the Middle Attack Framework: Evilginx Download


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