How to bypass Android Lockscreen

Today i’m going to show you guys how to bypass android lockscreen using two methods.


Method 1

What you need:

Windows or Linux based PC
Android screenlockbypass.apk – Download here
ADB – Download here
This will be much easier if your target device has usb debugging enabled.

If usb debugging is enabled on target phone:

1. Plug the phone into the computer and wait for the drivers to install
2. Open a command prompt(windows)/shell(linux) and CD (change directory) to the directory where adb is located and run:
3. adb install (the directory where screenlockbypass is located.)
4. Then install any other .apk the same way and the lockscreen should disappear.
If usb debugging isn’t enabled:
This will still work but it will take a little longer and be a bit more difficult. Hopefully your target device is rooted and has a custom recovery(to check turn the device off hold: Home + vol dn + PWR on most devices if it says CWM based recovery somewhere at the bottom or top you definitely have a custom recovery.), if not it will still work but you will have to flash a custom recovery on the device.

Seeing how all devices are different you will have to Google a way to flash a recovery to the specific device you have. If/Once there is a custom recovery on the device boot into recovery (hold: Home + vol dn + PWR on most devices)

Connect the device to the computer and open a command prompt/shell, CD to the directory where adb is located and run:
adb shell
You should see a # then run:
busybox mount system
Then type exit and hit enter.
Now type:
adb push (the directory where screenlockbypass is located) system/app
Push any other .apk the same way, and when you turn your phone on the lockscreen should pop up for a brief moment and disappear.

Method 2 (Easy way)

What you need:



Download here for all files

1. Double click on ADB setup and follow the command line interface. Select yes to all until it successfully installs.

2. Run Cygwin setup and follow the install process.

3. When successfully installed (both). Run cygwin and type the following in the command line.

4. adb devices
adb shell
cd data/system
rm *.key

5. Now you can use any pattern or number and it will be unlocked.


Happy hacking !!


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