Getting a Serial Number of any Program/App

Here’s a small tutorial on getting a serial you may need for any program/app.

* Go to Google.

* In the search field, type: “Product name” 94FBR

* Where, “Product Name” is the name of the item you want to find the serial number for.

And there you go – the serial number you needed.



Quite simple really. 94FBR is part of a Office 2000 Pro cd key that is widely distributed as it bypasses the activation requirements of Office 2K Pro. By searching for the product name and 94FBR, you guarantee two things. 1) The pages that are returned are pages dealing specifically with the product you’re wanting a serial for. 2) Because 94FBR is part of a serial number, and only part of a serial number, you guarantee that any page being returned is a serial number list page.

Go and see for yourself, it really works 🙂

Happy hacking !!

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