Android for PC with free access to all Google Play Apps

Ever needed an app , but costs you money or some time to search/download? Well, here’s a method to get any app you want for free. This tutorial is about getting the “Android”  platform on your PC and a bonus app which we will use to get our apps for free.


Firstly, we will need to get the right tools.

Download the following.

Youwave – The program to access “android” UI on your PC. (This is more stable and gives you a better performance than bluestacks)

Blackmart.apk – You can call this a duplicate of Google Play ,but every thing is FREE!! ( If you don’t want to use the PC app just install this file

on your android)

Step 2

Follow the installation setup and start the program.


Step 3

Click trial version , then you should be in the UI of the program. > Click file > Path to Apps > Go to the folder where you downloaded blackmart.apk and install it.


Step 4

Search anything you want and install !!   🙂


This app is useful in many ways , if you want to use whatsapp/bbm/kik on your pc or even play games. There’s some apps which is easier to use than their websites and you can export your own apk files of any app.

Enjoy/Happy Hacking





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