Decrypting a whatsapp account (Crypt7/8)

Use Whatsapp with Someone else’ number , this hack works by tricking the WhatsApp Verification Servers by receiving sms by a spoofer app.

First You have to Register Whatsapp by same number . That is the number .crypt file belong to.

1) Delete Your Whatsapp account
2) Go to sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases/
3) Copy a backup of your Database (crypt file) and delete everything in that.
4) Paste the file you want to decrypt.
5) If the file name is such as msgstore-2015-01-23.1.db.crypt8 or msgstore-2015-01-23.1.db.crypt7 then rename it to msgstore.db.crypt8 .
6) Download & Install WhatsApp on your device .
7) Enable Airplane mode.
8) Download google play app for sms spoofing . there are many on play store.…id.fakesms…p.fakecall ( I used this one)…smsfakepro

9) Enter the number you want to register (the number of .crypt7-8 you want to decrypt).

10) Press Register or whatever there is

11) Whatsapp will wait for you to enter code but if you receive message they automatically register

10) Use the App and Recieve fake sms:

” To: +(Country code)
(victims mobile
From: ”

11) If the Above didn’t work try vice versa

From: +(Country code)
(victims mobile
number) ”

Make sure you are in Airplane mode with wifi on.

You will successfully register in to their whatsapp . Remember – by this method the Previous whatsapp (victim’s) account will be disabled. Try doing this at night time or whenever the victim is asleep or away from his mobile. I will make another tutorial in which their whatsapp will not get affected.)

12) It will ask There is a backup found do you want to restore. Click on RESTORE.
13) Will take time. If it didnt . just dont click continue. close whatsapp and restart. might come some error but just keep retrying and you will be IN 🙂

Happy hacking!


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