How to find a Wifi password with CMD

So, first start CMD. Most of the time CMD is built-in on the computer.


Opened up CMD? Good. Now let’s go and try to get the password.


        Step 1: Check what connection the computer is connected to and keep it in mind or write it down. You’ll need it.


      Step 2: Now type “Netsh wlan show profiles” in your CMD window to show a list of connections the computer has ever connected to.


        Step 3: Obviously the connection of the computer is in that list.


      Step 4: Now type the command “Netsh Wlan show profiles [network name] key=clear”. It will show all the information about the network + the network key.

In the section Security Settings there is a line called Key Content. Behind Key Content is the key to WiFi connection.
Enjoy the trick!!


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