Adding a Recycle bin to your Android device

Adding a Recycle Bin to your Android phone and tablet provides a safeguard in case you erase some valuable photos, videos, text messages or contacts from your device.

 If you accidentally  delete something important, you can restore them very easily. Here is how to add a Recycle Bin to Android device. It is easy and no root access is required.
Many of us have annoyed when we accidentally delete something important from our smartphone, but with Dumpster, that was an old story. It adds a recycle bin to your phone and lets you restore almost every file type and will soon have the ability to restore deleted text messages, contacts and apps.

Installation & Usage

Dumpster is an excellent free bin for Android phones and tablets and you don’t have to root your device to use it.
1. Install it from Play Store and open it. Accept the licensing agreement and on the next screen choose which file types you wish to protect – images, audio, video and documents.

2. To restore a deleted item, run Dumpster, tap the file you have deleted and tap ‘Restore’ button.
3. You can preview the file before restoring by taping on the ‘Preview’ button.
You can configure how long it to keep your deleted files in the recycle bin. To do so, go to Menu-> Options and adjust the slider to 1 week, 1month or forever as per your requirement.


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