Cheat Sheets for most used programs today

Cheat sheets that list shortcuts for a number of essential programs that you probably use on a daily basis. This list will definitely make you more productive.

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  1. Linux Commands Reference
  2. GIMP Shortcuts
  3. Mozilla Thunderbird Shortcuts
  4. Skype Shortcuts
  5. VLC Player Shortcuts
  6. XBMC Tips & Tricks
  7. Dropbox Tips
  8. Google Chrome Shortcuts
  9. Opera Shortcuts
  10. Best Google Search Tips
  11. Useful Gmail Shortcuts
  12. Google Docs Cheat Sheet
  13. Google Drive Tips
  14. Google Reader Shortcuts
  15. YouTube Tips
  16. The Video Tools & Tips
  17. Facebook Shortcuts
  18. Twitter CheatSheet
  19. Wikipedia Cheat Sheet
  20. 30 Codes for Chat Smileys
  21. Evernote Search Tips & Tricks
  22. Usenet Tips And Tricks
  23. Router Shopping Tips & Tricks
  24. The A-Z Audio Cheat Sheet
  25. World Of Warcraft Voice Emote Shortcuts
  26. Samsung Galaxy S III Tips
  27. The iPhone CheatSheet
  28. Mac OSX Shortcuts
  29. Shortcuts For Special Characters [Mac]
  30. Adobe Acrobat Keyboard Shortcuts [Mac]
  31. Evernote Shortcuts [Mac]
  32. Safari for Mac Keyboard Shortcuts
  33. Firefox Shortcuts (Mac OSX)
  34. iMovie Keyboard Shortcuts
  35. iTunes Cheat Sheet (Mac)
  36. QuickTime Shortcuts for Mac OSX
  37. Skype Shortcuts for Mac OSX
  38. Spotify Shortcuts For Mac & Windows
  39. Windows Shortcuts
  40. Windows CMD Commands
  41. Shortcuts For Special Characters on Windows
  42. Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts
  43. Windows 8 Touch & Mouse Gestures
  44. Windows 7 Search Tips
  45. Outlook Shortcuts
  46. Adobe Acrobat Keyboard Shortcuts [Windows]
  47. Evernote Shortcuts [Windows]
  48. QuickBooks Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows)
  49. Internet Explorer Shortcuts
  50. Firefox Shortcuts (Windows)
  51. iTunes Shortcuts (Windows)
  52. Photoshop CS5 CheatSheet
  53. uTorrent Tips & Tricks

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