How to Bypass URL shortener links

Sometimes we need to download very important data from the Internet but those links are attached with adfly and other ads network link.

url shortener

There are serious problem now a days as has been blocked in India and a few other countries, by the Department of Telecom (DoT). So any user trying to access links get a notice or an error 404 error.

This skipper tool does not require the servers to be live, so you can use this tool when a link is down or giving you an error. This Tool basically bypasses the adfly link and gives you original link which is behind the adfly link.

Follow these simple steps

1. Unlock to open one of the below links

2. Paste your adfly or other link without http://www. then click on get link.

3. After 4-6 second you will get your original link.

Note – We can use this tool to bypass (also custom domains),,,,,,,, j.js,, and 50+ URL shortener links.


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