Get 2000 Backlinks for Free

If you own a website then you would know how important backlinks are. So we have a nice tool that gives you 2000 backlinks absolutely free. The tool at-most gives 3124 backlinks but some of them fail to work and you are expected to get around 2000 Google crawl-able backlinks from the tool. The tool is provided by and is called IMT Website Submitter.

What Type Of Backlinks You Will Receive :

The links generated by this tool are not normal backlinks. The tool will create pages on some popular whois or server information websites. Google visits these sites very often, but the quality of backlinks may not be that good because these are not high Page Rank websites but you will get a decent number of backlinks to boost your site rankings.

How To Get 2000 Backlinks For Free :

1. You need to go to IMT Website Submiter

2. Scroll down and you will see a form asking your website URL for which you want backlinks. You can also provide keywords for your website and number of backlinks you need. I recommend selecting the highest number available.

3. After filling up your information just click the “Submit” button and you will start receiving backlinks for your site. The process will take time, so be patient and let your site rankings increase.

If you face any problems, feel free to drop your comments.

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