Pentest Box – Hacking on a Windows platform

Pentest Box is a portable penetration testing distribution for Windows environments,it provides all security tools as a software package, eliminating requirement of Virtual machines or dual-boot environments on Windows operating system.

It provides all security tools as a software package, eliminating requirement of Virtual machines or dualboot environments on Windows Operating System. It is created because more than 50% of penetration testing distribution users uses windows. So it provides an efficient platform for Penetration Testing on windows platform.

So lets take a look at Pentest Box’s key features.

It’s Easy To Use

It is a commandline utility which is all what you want. You can get to know about the commands on

Awesome Design

It is the same green font on black terminal but in an modern way.


PentestBox directly runs on host machine instead of virtual machines, so performance is obvious.

No Dependencies Needed

All the dependencies required by tools are inside PentestBox, so you can even run PentestBox on freshly installed windows without any hassle.


PentestBox is entirely portable, so now you can carry your own Penetration Testing Environment on a USB stick. It will take care of all dependencies and configuration required to run tools.

Linux Environment

PentestBox contains nearly all linux utilities like bash, cat, chmod, curl, git, gzip, ls, mv, ps, ssh, sh, uname and others. It even contains your favourite text editor “vim”. For complete list, please look at
Because of this most of the pentesting tools which were earlier compatible only with Linux are working smoothly in PentestBox.

No Drivers Issue

Windows has already large support of drivers for Graphic Card and wireless. So now you don’t have to worry about drivers compaitability issues. For Example now you can use your GPU power to crack hashes using Project RainbowCrack which is particularly not compaitable on linux environment.


In the making of PentestBox we have included only the best tools , but in that process we have missed some tools which you might want to use. In that case you can easily install those tools using toolsmanager present inside PentestBox, it can install/update/Uninstall tools which are not there in PentestBox.

Less Memory Usage

PentestBox runs on host machine without any need for virtual machine. So it only need’s 20 MB for launching compared to atleast 2GB of RAM need for running virtual machine distributions.

Less Disk Usage

It is very light on Disk as well, it only acquires less than third of linux pentesting distro do.

InBuilt Browser

PentestBox contains a version of Mozilla Firefox Browser with nearly all security addons. To know the complete list of addons, please click here.

Cool Update Feature

It contains an update feature through which you can keep your tools updated. To know more about update feature, please click here.

Can be shared on a network

Consider a environment where you want to use PentestBox on many computers like office, lab, etc. Instead of installing PentestBox on each and every computer, you can just install that on one computer and share that folder as a drive to other computers on the same network. Check about this feature here.

32-bit System Supported

Most users aren’t concerned about 32-bit support because they normally uses 64 bit systems. But this was introduced to make low-end systems in to a Pentesting Environment. Just to give an idea, i have tested PentestBox on this $200 machine, and it ran on it very smoothly.

Check out it’s demo video here. or download here

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