ShinoBOT – The Rat/Bot Malware Simulator

Are you sure that you can detect an APT malware? YES or NO, whichever, try ShinoBOT; this is a BOT or RAT simulator for security assessment, pentesting.

    • RAT features
      • Execute any command
      • Upload any files
      • Download any files
      • Take a screenshot

  1. After the execution of ShinoBOT, it starts the polling to ShinoC2(here). The C2 communication is based on HTTP(S), so it works with the web proxy environment.
  2. After the assignment of command, ShinoBOT downloads the command.
  3. It executes the command and get back the result to ShinoC2.
  1. Execute ShinoBOT on your “victim” machine.
    Supported OS:Windows XP+
    Required: .net framework 2.0+
  2. The GUI will appear so write down the password.
  3. Find and click your host on the HOST.
  4. Put the password and now you can control your host. Easy peasy.
  • 01 AUG 2016 Presentation at Black Hat USA 2016 Arsenal
  • 03 DEC 2015 Presentation at AVTOKYO
  • 01 AUG 2015 Presentation at Black Hat USA 2015 Arsenal
  • 27 MAR 2015 Presentation at Black Hat Asia 2015 Arsenal
  • 01 SEP 2014 Article about Black Hat USA 2014 Arsenal in ScanNetSecurity (ja)
  • 21 AUG 2014 Article about Black Hat USA 2014 Arsenal in @IT(ja)
  • 17 AUG 2014 Upload Presentation about ShinoBOT Suite in SlideShare
  • 16 AUG 2014 Upload Video about ShinoBOT Suite in YouTube
  • 06 AUG 2014 Presentation at Black Hat USA 2014 Arsenal
  • 03 AUG 2014 New ShinoBOT Edition Released: ShinoBOT Suite
  • 25 APR 2014 New version released, add some AV evasions
  • 24 APR 2014 Add parameter and free command feature for ShinoC2
  • 18 APR 2014 Article about Sandbox related to ShinoBOT in @IT(ja)
  • 19 AUG 2013 ShinoBOT was broadcasted at BS Fuji TV(ja)
  • 10 AUG 2013 Wrap up of BlackHat Arsenal in ToolsWatch
  • 01 AUG 2013 Interviewed by WordFence in BlackHat
  • 06 JUN 2013 ShinoBOT is published in Black Hat Official page
  • 02 JUN 2013 ShinoBOT is selected for BHUSA 2013 Arsenal by ToolsWatch
Please use ShinoBOT at your own risk. I take no responsibility or liability, of any damage, leakage.

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