Autovpn – Easily connect to a VPN in a country of your choice

autovpn is a tool to automatically connect you to a random VPN in a country of your choice. It uses openvpn to connect you to a server obtained from VPN Gate.


First clone the repo and cd into the directory:

$ git clone
$ cd autovpn

Then run this to generate the executable:

$ go build autovpn.go

It’s Go. What do you expect?

This requires openvpn . To install this on a yum -based distro:

$ sudo dnf install openvpn

If you’re on a apt -based distro:

$ sudo apt-get install openvpn

Tested and works on Fedora 23. Dunno about Windows. Patches welcome.

Simply run:

$ ./autovpn

and you’re done. You’ll be connected to a server in the US. Welcome to the US!
You can give a country if you want. For example, if you want to connect to a server in Japan:

$ ./autovpn JP

You may need superuser privileges. Don’t worry, I’m not running rm -rf --no-preserve-root / underneath. It’s for openvpn.

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