Parat – Python Based Remote Administration Tool

Parat is a simple remote administration tool (RAT) written in python.

Change log:

  • Compatible with both python 2 and 3 versions(dont forget that may causes some please share us any error(s))

Do you want to try?

Copy and paste on your terminal:
git clone && cd Parat && python
Note: it may need to install python -m easy_install pypiwin32 on some targets.

  • Fully UnDetectable(FUD)
  • Compatible with Telegram messanger
  • Bypass windows User Account Control(UAC)
  • Memory executation
  • No any requirments to setup

You can communicate parat using telegram messanger. For this do steps:

  1. Open telegram.service file by an editor
  2. Insert your bot token on line 15, replaced on YOUR_BOT_TOKEN
  3. Run telegram.service by typing: python telegram.service
  4. Now you can use your bot to control parat πŸ™‚



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