Mendax Binder – Efficient File Binder

Not only can it bind two exes (Windows only), but this program also obfuscates ths two exes. Its output file is usually fully undetectable among 68.7% of the antivirus software used on VirusTotal.

How it Works

This program always binds itself to the two other files. This way, when the binded application runs, the program first checks if the application is correctly binded. If it is, it runs the two applications.


Both CLI and GUI are supported. Here are the CLI options:

  • -1: First input file
  • -2: Second input file
  • -o: Name for the output file
  • -h: Displays this help message
  • -v: Displays version number
  • -s: Silent mode

Users can either choose to download the executable from the releases section, clone the repo, or compile mendax.c with MinGW’s gcc. When compiling the GUI, make sure to have already compiled mendax.c and link mendax_binder.c with all the .o files. Remember to use the -mwindows option to. Before using the GUI, rememeber that I did not include many features to it; it was meant to be as minimalistic and efficient as possible. The minimalistic GUI

By running or downloading this program, you agree to the terms of the disclaimer below. For users who want to bind more than two files, you can just bind the binded files on top of each other for now. Also, icons can be added using 3rd party tools like Resource Hacker.


Remember that this program is only for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES. Do not use this for malicious purposes. This program must not be used on any system or network that you do not have permission too. I am not responsible if you ruin your own computer or get in serious trouble for creating malware.


What’s Next

  • Better obfuscation
  • Patch up any issues (Let me know of any issues please!)

Known Issues

  • On Windows 10, remaking binded files occasionally causes the files previously binded to show up. Can be fixed with a simple restart or a clearing of temporary files.
  • Occasional issues with 64 bit programs – I recommend sticking to 32 bit


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